Sunday, October 29, 2006

2nd May 2002

Well it has been a very musical few days for me. this was the reason I
could not make the chat on Thursday because I was down at Shepherds Bush
Empire watching Low. The week got off to a good start with a Cujo gig at
The Garage in Islington. The Garage is quite a big venue and the boys were
very excited about playing there. I dragged 'arris the Gooner down to
watch them as the old man needs a blast of rock 'n' roll to keep him
alive. He enjoyed watching Cujo Kev smacking his instrument but thought
the whole experience was too much of an assualt on his eardrums, this
coupled with a dodgy pint of Caffreys ensurd that 'arris didn't have as
good a time as me. I have to take this opportunity to "sound off" about
"sound men" at some of these venues. the guy who was doing the sound must
have had two large peices of dogshit in his ears because the sound at the
gig was very poor, unless you like hearing 200% more bass drum than
anything else. I have sat in a room with these guys and they fucking rock
yet they go to a venue which has a great, loud PA system and it sounds
like crap. I am slowly losing patience with these cloth-eared fucks and
the day is drawing near when The King Of Pop will carry out an "Entebbe"
style raid on the mixing desk and declare a coup! Rant over. I spent
Thursday in the studio with 'arris and Andy doing some overdubs on the
material we recorded a few weeks back. It was an easy day with Andy
performing admirably and ensuring we would have plenty of time to get down
to "The Bush" and get a few beers in before Low. The gig was great and we
now have a new Low acolyte in the shape of my mate Joe who is rapidly
nearing top spot in the "Gig Buddy" chart.
Saturday morning was very sad because Liverpool finally gave up in their
race for the title in the game at Spurs. People who don't like football
will be very pleased about that becasue it may stop me going on about it
in these pages but don't get carried away. Liverpools season is over but
this just means that I can concentrate on Millwall's march towards the
Premiership. They played on Sunday and drew 1-1 away at Birmingham and
they play the second leg tonight at The Den and I will be there cheering
them on and savouring what will no doubt be a very special atmosphere.
Because I am at The Den tonight it means that I will not be making the
chat again but I promise to be there next Thursday.
Saturday night was another Cujo gig at The Bull & Gate and I was
accompanied by KP and Kim and Steve. Kim is my wife's cousin and she was
in the capital to watch her first football game down at White Hart Lane.
As I told her afterwards, it was her fault we lost and she is barred from
attending any future games. Cujo rocked again and the journey home was ok
despite being on public transport. Sunday morning I took them for a tour
of all the posh houses up in Hampstead and then took them to Alexandra
Palace which is on top of a hill that overlooks all of London and you have
a great view. It was a nice sunny morning and you would think that spring
had definitely arrived but that all changed on Monday with the wind and
rain howling again. this brings me to the picture at the top of the page
this week. I took this picture standing outside my front door. This
weather is perfect rainbow weather and they always seem to be in the same
place when they are over my house but I have never bothered to go out to
the other side of the North Circular Rd and see if there is anything at
the end of it.
Next week's words will contain tales of The Den and a day of excessive
drinking on Saturday when KP, Jim, Tonto and I will be plotting up in a
pub in Hendon to watch the FA Cup Final. It usually end in massive
pisstaking and a curry. We have a blue in KP and a Gooner in Tonto and I
am not sure where my allegiances will lie on the day but the thought of
The Gooners doing the double is too much too bear. See ya next week.


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