Sunday, October 29, 2006

29th September 2002

Wedding frivolities in Wales. The picture above is of the happy couple and
Sue's daughter Ffion (hope I spelt that right or I am dead!). Myself and
the whole family braved the railways and took off for Llanelli last Friday
afternoon from Paddington Station. It is the first time I can remember
that we have all travelled together on the train and it reminded me of
going on holiday when I was kid because we always went by train. My
parents didn't drive or own a car so I was used to travelling by train or
on a "chara" to various resorts around England and Wales so I thought it
would be appropriate fro us to travel by train. Another reason was not
wanting to face the M4 going west on a Friday afternoon, especially with
the reception starting at 7.30pm. We were staying at The Stradey Park
Hotel where the reception was and we arrived in good time and installed
all the kids in their own room, put the glad rags on and hit the bar. It
was nice for my wife to meet all my Welsh buddies and all of the people
who have made me feel so welcome on my visits to their beautiful country.
I got up and played a couple of songs on Tim's acoustic for the assembled
masses. I played "A Girl Like Sue" and "Tainted Love" which is probably
the last time I will play that since it has been mortally wounded by
Marilyn Manson and has been completely spoiled for me now. There have been
some murderous crimes in the British pop charts recently with the
appalling version of "The Long and Winding Road" and "Suspicious Minds" to
name just two. I think there should be a covers panel (like the pools
panel but with songwriters instead of ex-footballers) who should decide
whether a cover has added anything of significant merit to the original
and if it hasn't then it cannot be released. Now you might say "who are
you to say that with all the covers that FGTH did" and I admit that my
orange box is on dodgy ground so I will shut up and withdraw gracefully
and say one thing in our defence and that is this; The FGTH version of
"Born To Run" is a vast improvement on Mumbles Sprinsteen's. Anyway I am
rambling, back to the wedding. Plenty of Guinness was drunk by myself and
I did the usual fucking stupid thing that I always do when I have exceeded
the Guinness guage and that was go for a large Jameson's which is always
fatal and is usually the major contributing factor to the sore head the
next morning. The wedding was boss and it was nice to see all the
following; DJ Jazzy Tone, Ade and Helen, Ryan, Mal, Nige and Shaz, Wal and
Ren, Syb and Rod, Stavia, Stuart and Michelle and the White Horse
regulars, Mr King and of course the bride and groom. If I missed anyone
out, sorry. The next morning we were picked up by Wal and driven over to
his house in Glanamman for Spag Bol and a walk around the local castle
which was a vibe. Wal ruined his lunch by overdoing his application of
"Dave's Insanity Sauce". "Dave's what??" "Dave's Insanity Sauce" is a
pepper sauce made from Habanero Pepper extract and is truly without equal
in the Hot As Fuck category. It recently won the "World's Hottest Sauce"
competition and luckily for Wal mine was the medium heat range. I got it
as a present from Nigey Nige who loves a hot thing, or two. I like hot
things but this just takes the piss completely. My new party peice is
letting people stick their finger in the lid and applying a tiny drop to
their tongue and watching them change colour. As Nige says "INSTANT PAIN".
I did a TV interview on Monday for Chrysalis TV. They had been
commissioned by Channel 4 to do a programme about the 50th anniversary of
the British Pop Chart which had "Relax" and "Two Tribes" in the top 50 or
100. Very quick, in and out, all the usual questions.
Moving swiftly on to today and the European victory in The Ryder Cup. very
emotional watching Sam Torrance pick up the cup and can only thank god I
was watching the highlights and knew the outcome or I could have been
reaching for the kleenex. If you are into golf then you know how good
today was and if you are not into golf then you should be by the time the
next one comes around. I don't have Sky Sports and had to settle for the
excellent commentary on 5 Live. After the shenanigans of the last
tournament with the Americans running all over the green it was nice to
see a bit of decorum restored today with Paul McGinley jumping in the lake
with an Irish Tricolour above his head. Top result from all concerned.
The forum will be sorted shortly when Mr Ket gets back from a jaunt in
NYC. It is alright for some innit???


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