Sunday, October 29, 2006

20th May 2002

Le Grande Fromage is mixed (cue sound of party poppers and jubilant
shouting!). I went up to Wales last Sunday to see Timbo and finish off the
last track and do a few tweaks to the other mixes. I spent a pleasant hour
in The White Horse on Sunday evening with the Llanelli Massive (Tim's Mum
and Dad and a few locals). It was a flying visit as I had to be back on
Monday night to get the kids up for school on Tuesday so I booked an open
ended ticket becasue I did not know what time train I was going to get
back to The Smoke. It was almost eight and I thought I better sort out
which train I was getting home. I rang directory enquiries and ask for
Swansea station because I can't stand automated telephone timetables but
the number they gave me was National Train Enquiries and I asked what time
the last train was. They told me the last "normal" train left at 8.30 and
I wasn't going to make that so they said there was one at 22.25 but it
took six hours to get to London (twice the "normal" time). I had no choice
so I had to plumb for the abnormal six hour marathon. I couldn't beleive
that the last train took this long so I rang again an hour later to check
and I was told the same information. Why was I not surprised when I turned
up at the station to be told that the 22.25 goes to Hereford and there was
no other train that could get me to London or anywhere near London so I
was stuck for the night. Panicky phone calls home but Mrs Nash had manged
to get the kids sorted so there was no need to get back early so I went
back with Tim and stayed over. All the mixes sound boss so despite the
greif with the railway it was well worth the trip.
As you can see from the picture above there is not much in my control room
at the moment becasue i am rewiring for new equipment. the empty floor in
front is where the mixing desk should be and the dark spaces on the right
should be filled with "toys". I got around to taking out the old racks and
putting in new ones and when I saw the cable behind there I was almost
sorry that I had started. luckily Stevie B was on hand to help with some
moving and we finally got it in place. I get my desk back tomorrow and I
should have all the equipment in place again by tuesday night which means
I can get cracking with some new tunes.
The only other thing to mention this week is that today I am 39 years
young. I have just been reading Billy Connolly's book and he says that if
you are going to lie about your age then you should go the other way and
tell people you are ten years older than you really are so they think you
look great for your age!! See ya next week.


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