Sunday, October 29, 2006

12th May 2002

The Football season is over which should bring a big cheer from all the
anti-football readers who visit this page. Despite there being a World Cup
just around the corner I will refrain from any more footy talk (probably)
until the new season starts in August.
I spent last Thursday at The Den watching the play-off semi-final and
unless you have been on another planet in the last week you will no doubt
have seen the ugly scenes which followed the result. I won't make any
comment about this scum as enough has been said by many in the days
following but I will say that these dickheads have undone a lot of good
work that has been done by the club and please don't judge the vast
majority of fans by the actions of these hooligans. Millwall lost and I
saw grown men crying as I left the ground. Thankfully I was well on my way
home before all the nonsense kicked off which was quite lucky as I had
been invited to go to the players lounge after the game and if I had gone
there I may have been caught up in it all so a good decision by me to head
back north.
Saturday was cup final day and traditionally KP,Tonto, Jamie and myself
get together for a few beers and watch the match. It was a bit of a
non-event which it always is unless you are supporting one of the teams.
Needless to say The Gooners were victorious and the Blues flattered to
deceive once again. Plenty of Becks ( the beer, not the overpaid show pony
who plays for the Mancs ) so it wasn't all bad.
I have started ripping out my studio and installing my new purchases. I
have been soldering and crimping (cables, not hair) and will be glad when
I can put the tools away. I may take the vid camera up to the studio and
show you the carnage that is my rack and patch bay at the moment. It will
be worth the graft when it is all installed and I have my new Mackie tape
machine in place. It is a hard disk recorder which means no more tape and
no more waitng for machines to synchronise!!!! Yippeee!
Wednesday night was the night The Gooners clinched the League and Cup
double and I was round at Kev's house to watch the Arse take the trophy
from the Mancs at Old Trafford. The picture above shows the victorious
Gooners in front of the telly at the final whistle. The man on the far
right is Stevie B but he has been renamed Part Time Percy because in the
ten years I have known him he has always been a Barnet fan and before that
he supported Wolves(?). So I am sitting there watching the game and PTP
pipes up with "We are doing well aren't we??" to which I piped up "what's
with the fucking "we"?" to be told that "he has always followed Arsenal
and he used to go to the games" etc etc. I think this new found Gooner
loyalty must be due to the fact that Barnet are not much more than a
Sunday League team now and there is no chance in basking in reflected
glory for the forseeable future. No doubt he will try the "We" next year
when we win the league.
I was up at the studio and was listening to the endles sirens of police
cars and ambulances tearing down Barnet High St to get to Potters Bar
Station where there had been a big train crash. The station is about a
mile or so from my studio and all the injured were taken to Barnet General
Hospital You may have seen the pictures of the crash and although there
were people killed I can only thank God that the accident happened then
and not two hours later when that platform would have been crowded with
school kids. The fatalities could have been a lot higher. No doubt this
whole train thing will be kicked around like a political football with
everyone trying to blame eachother and score petty political points. I
don't really want to get involved in political debate but I heard a very
intersting thing on the radio last night. There has been 8 billion pounds
invested into the railwaly system in this country and seven billion of it
has gone into shareholders pockets so I find it hard to take Tory MPs
moaning about the state of the trains in this country when it was them who
are responsible for the mess in the first place. My thoughts are with the
families who's loved ones won't be coming home from work.
Went up to the 'pool yesterday to see the final game of the season and
took my son Taylor to his first "proper" game at Anfield. I had a nice
surprise when I bumped into Newport Nikk who was at the game on his way
back to Wales from Paris (it is alright for some). The Reds trounced
Ipswitch and sent them back to the Nationwide League wth a flea in their
ear and five goals in their net. There will be some of you who know Tall
Paul who is currently in Hong Kong. He is an Ipswitch fanatic and was no
doubt crying into his Tiger beer as his beloved Tractor Boys fell throught
the Premiership trap door. I would like to pass my comiserations on to you
Paul if you are reading this and hope that they bounce straight back up
next season and the Toffees go the other way.
I am off to Wales this afternoon to finish off the album with Timbo
tomorrow. We have one track left to mix and a few others to tweak. I hope
there are no delays on my train and i can get to the pub before last
orders. I mentioned in the chat room that I am going to try and organise a
webcast of the album when I get all the tracks and a running order sorted
so that will be something for you to look forward to inthe not too
distant. Seeyanextweek.


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