Sunday, October 29, 2006

24th July 2002

Sorry about the large gap between this editon of "wise words" and the last
one. Not much to report as I have been at the studio getting to grips with
the new toys and so far I am winning on points. I can't afford to be
complacent and turn my back though because that's when they atack. Just
when you think you have the technology licked it always comes up and kicks
you in the nuts but so far my nuts have been intact and un-kicked. Went to
see Afro Mart who is mixing the latest Afro Celts record and wishing he
had a plane ticket in his hand to whisk him away to a nice warm place. If
there is anyone out there who thinks that making records is an artistic
"walk in the park" then let me put you straight. I must admit that I have
totally enjoyed all the recording I have done on my last two albums
because the guys I work with are all a good laugh and enjoy working with
me (or so they say). The rest of the time I am working alone doing
overdubs etc. Working alone has its drawbacks, like not having anyone to
bounce ideas off, but when I hear about the greif happening in other
studios during what is supposed to be a creative process I really
appreciate the position I am in. I have heard from three people this week,
in various different projects, who are not having fun and generally having
a bad vibe whilst trying to make great recordings. There maybe some of you
who are thinking "That's bollocks, King Of Pop, you wanna try digging
holes in the road for eight hours a day then you would know what hard work
is" and I appreciate my occupation but I think it should be pointed out
that it is not all "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll".
"Who's the geezer at the top of the page?" The photo above is the cover of
the new album and if you go to the "hear the music" part of the site you
will see a link for Le Grande Fromage which when you click it will show
you this picture. If you move your mouse across the pic you will be able
to click away and listen to Real Audio files of the tracks from the new
album. I guess you will want to go and check them out straight away so I
will see you next week if not before.


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