Sunday, October 29, 2006

23rd October 2002

There is definitely a nip in the air and it seems that winter is upon us.
Spent Saturday evening at a junior school in Palmers Green for Yash's 50th
birthday party. As you can see from the picture above Yash took the Bengal
Chancer dig in good humour and decided to make some Bengal Chancer
chicken. I think this was the only contribution he made to the buffet and
credit should be given to his wife Sheryl who is number one in the unsung
hero charts. Plenty of lovely grub on display and most of it was down to
her spending all of her day in the kitchen. I tried the Bengal Chancer
chicken and it was not bad at all. I think he may have overdone the
chillies but it was still a valiant effort at upstaging his wife!! Me and
the new boys did a short set of six songs and we recorded the gig for
posterity and we will be having an autopsy and adminstering fines for
shaby playing when we reconvene later in the week. It was good to play
with loud amps and full PA as we have been rehearsing pretty quietly and
overall I was very pleased. A late night was had by all and I escaped with
minor injuries in the headache department next morning. had a good week on
the gambling front, backing against the mighty Arsenal in two consecutive
games has proved rather profitable for me. I had Everton at 4-1 on
Saturday and Auxerre at 8-1 last night which means I will be almost in
front for the season. The next issue of wise words will feature a few
pictures of these handsome young man who I am playing with at the moment
(I think I should maybe rephrase that!!). I hope to be revamping the index
page of the site so people can find the forum easily and the MP3 of "Top
Of The Pops Again" will be changed to a weekly MP3 which will probably be
changed every time the wise words is changed. This will include some live
stuff, some old stuff and probably some stupid stuff. I hope that will
keep you entertained for a while until Le Grande Fromage is ready. Went up
to Liverpool over the weekend to see Liverpool v Spurs and met up with Mr
& Mrs Reed in The Flat Iron afterwards for a swift one. I was scheduled
for a few large beers that night but had to bail early in search of food
and an early night as I was leaving early to get back to London and didn't
fancy driving home with a hangover or worse still half pissed. I got up at
5.50am because I forgot to put the clocks back and set off for home. I
managed to break my world record as it was so early in the morning. I left
the Shell garage in Liverpool at 6.15 and was eating a bacon roll in my
local cafe at 8.40!!!! That is some serious speeding. The speedometer on
my car is bust so I don't really know how fast I was travelling except at
one point I was going through roadworks and must have been exceeding the
50mph speed limit because I had my photo taken by a speed camera. Oh shit,
I hope it is one of those that has no film in it or I will be getting my
first licence endorsement for about five years. I am off to France for the
day tomorrow for a booze run and expect my car to be groaning under the
weight of cabernet. I am just off to the movies with my lad to see "xXx"
becasue I haven't had a dose of bombs and helicopters for a good while so
tune in at the end of the week for a Jonathan Ross style review of Vin
Deisel (surely not his real name) and his rippling biceps.


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