Sunday, October 29, 2006

14th October 2002

As a infamous child molestor once sang on Top Of The Pops "Hello, Hello,
I'm back again". Sorry about the lack of "wise words" over the last few
weeks but I have been having computer stress. Despite having my Anti Virus
stuff right up to date I managed to get a virus called new dot which I
deleted but too late. It had already managed to get into the system and
started fucking up the computer. There was no removal tool availible and I
had to start from scratch and wipe my hard drive. When I say I, I really
mean Ket who patiently helped me get re-booted and back on line.
Unfortunately I then installed the latest version of XP to find that none
of the stuff on the pc would work like the modem etc because it didn't
have XP drivers so I am back with the back up ME files and my computer is
working again. As you can see we have a new forum on the website which you
can reach by clicking on the guestbook link on the index page and start
posting you notes. I think this will be a good idea becasue I can answer
queries in the forum rather than people e-mailing me and waiting for three
years to get a reply.If anyone is outstanding in the e-mail reply
department I wil get round to it becasue I saved all my outstanding mails
before the big clean up and I will get around to dealing with them in the
not too distant future. (he promised...again). As for news on the album
front it looks like the album will not be availible this side of Xmas
because AfroMart is still mixing and by the time he is finished it will be
too close to Christmas to get the promo happeneing so it looks like early
next year. I apologise for this but if you want a quality album then I am
afraid you (and I) will have to be patient a little longer. Unfortunately
the lack of product has meant that I cannot organise any gigs until next
year. I have been rehearsing with the boys today and it is really starting
to take shape and we will be road testing a twelve song set at a mate's
party this weekend. It is Yash's 50th birthdya and we will be providing
some entertainment for the Bengal Chancer. In fact the next installment on
this page should have some pics of the band playing at the gig or at least
playing in my studio.It will be good to do a proper gig with "loudness"
because the only ones I have played with these chaps have been muted
acoustic affairs and it will be good to crank up the volume. I will be
doing some recording of some live stuff in the following weeks so I can
start giving you a bi-weekly MP3 on the index page where the current "Top
Of The Pops Again" is. I would suggest that the first topic on the forum
should be requests for songs so fire away and see what happens. I am
currently downloading some ftp siftware as my last pirate copy got lost in
the wipe so hopefully it will be Tuesday morning when you are reading
this. I did a little acoustic spot with Noel and Niol last night to help
them out with their acoustic set. they asked me to play, not becasue they
like hearing me sing but becasue they were about five songs short of
turning in a reasonable length set, the cheeky monkeys. Still it was good
fun despite being largely ignored by pissed up people. Hope you didn't
miss me too much and I shall be back at more regular intervals.


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