Friday, January 21, 2000

21st January 2001

Computer has blown up so I have taken the opportunity to decorate my
office in the back room of my house. Lots of sawing and drilling and
sanding and hammering. All this dust is playing havoc with my
skin.......where's my moisturiser. Laurence Llewellyn - Bowen eat my

21st January 2000

Regular readers of this page have no doubt been thinking I am still in bed with the world's worst hangover after my day out larging it with MP's but you are very wrong. I rang Mr Coughlan on Monday night to tell him I had been saving my pocket and washing the neighbour's car to earn a few bob for my night only to be told "Oh, it's been cancelled but I forgot to tell you". This is a perfect example of the shabby behaviour that myself, and the other members of Hairy Pie, have had to put up with in recent years. I have asked him to attend biology classes in night school so he can tell the difference between his arse and his elbow but he is not having any of it. Recording cancelled this week as the shabby Taffs were otherwise engaged so it is postponed until the all come back from Nashville in a week's time. Don't fret because there is no danger that The King Of Pop will be doing an Elvis Costello and going country on ya!! I will get back to y'all on new recordings when my band find their way back to Barnet. I have been checking my pages at to see how many of you have been helping yourselves and frankly I'm rather disappointed at the few downloads so you better buck up your ideas or I will have to have words with you all individually. You have been warned!!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2000

16th January 2000

Football was cancelled this morning so I had the whole Sunday morning to myself so I decided to dedicate it to my adoring public and take advantage of the cheap phone time and upload another freebie for you all. I uploaded the demo version of "Broke" which is very different from the album version and features Billy Currie (formerly of Ultravox) playing some wicked viola. I will let you know where when it has been approved and posted. It's a good job footy was cancelled as Dolly Suker had the kit and he didn't turn up at my house until 10.30, shame he was only an hour too late for the kick off time and 24 hrs late on the cancellation. The Welsh Fusiliers failed to show but I will meet up with some members of Hairy Pie when I will be Andy Coughlan's roadie for a gig he is doing at the Houses Of Parliament. He told me last week that he was doing a gig for the Welsh Labour Party at the HOP and asked me along as his roadie because it is only 18p a pint in the bars inside. No wonder these fuckers can't run the country, they are all in the bar making the most of the subsidised booze!!! Hopefully I can persuade him and Tony K to show for a little session on Wednesday so we can record some new stuff. I've been working on a new tune called "Ansaphone" which is kinda like the "Yule B. Alright" for the next album and will be a major vibe when I get the firm in to play on it. Next posting will probably be Wednesday if my hangover isn't too big and I will fill you in on the "King Of Pop" running for parliament!!!!! Vote for me!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2000

9th January 2000

Hi y'all. Not much to report this week as I am just getting back into the swing of things. Mr Kiley and Mr Coughlan have threatened to turn up at Big Top sometime this week so we can crack on with my new album as I am bursting with new songs. I just finished writing a new one last week called "Ansafone" which I may demo on acoustic this week and give it away via . If you haven't been there yet then go straight away to avoid disappointment. I will be changing the songs every month or so and hope to have at least four tunes on the go at any one time. The next one to go up will be a live version of "Listen To Lime" and there will be a few other live ones as I do the gigs. I recorded six other songs when I recorded the Xmas giveaway "Crawling" and four of these ended up on the album so if there is anything you would like to hear demo-wise then e-mail me and I will do my best to oblige. I did an interview with "The Jersey Evening Post" whilst I was over there so I thought I would give you a transcription of it for a couple of weeks so here it is

Saturday, January 08, 2000

8th January 2001

Spent a couple of hours in the studio today fiddling about with some
of Mr Mitt's harmonica parts on Top Of The Pops Again before coming
home to watch the eclipse which was washed out by cloudy skies but
never mind. I saw something last night which was even better and I
will have to do some surfing and find out what it was. I arrived
home at 2.00am this morning and looking up at the almost full moon I
saw a huge ring of light around it. My description is wholly inept
and cannot begin to describe this amazing sight. I tried to film a
bit with the video camera but it was too dark and I couldn't get a
decent picture which was a shame. Although it was late I awoke Mrs
Nash from her romantic dinner with Robbie Williams / Nicholas Cage
and told her to come downstairs and check it out. She got up and had
a quick look and mumbled something before going back to bed. I guess
the wonders of the universe are more wonderful to some than to
I have just begun arranging a different way of ordering my album so
people can order it using their credit card over the phone. The
amount of hits I have had compared to the number of orders make me
think that people are still very hesitant about putting their
details on the web so we are trying the human approach for 2001.
This should be sorted in a couple of days.
Finally I need to get some input from y'all about when I should do
my on-line chat. I was thinking of doing one hour a week so I am
open to suggestions as to when that hour should be. get back to me
and I will "talk" to you next week.

Tuesday, January 04, 2000

4th January 2000

Well after much panicking about bugs and much media hype the year 2000 is here and so far it feels just like any other New Year hangover. I spent the Christmas period in the bosom of my family in Jersey and a splendid time was had by all. Much overindulgence in the red wine and cheese department ( it doesn't get any more rock 'n' roll than that!!! ) but managed to survive the ten day period with only one real hangover and spent every morning in the sauna ejecting those toxins. My resolution is to eat a piece of fruit every day and I am currently munching a Granny Smith while I type. I did two unplugged gigs while I was there but unfortunately neither were very well attended as the venue did very little to promote the fact that the King Of Pop was playing. The first night was also hampered by severe storms and this caused the closing some of the sea front roads and nobody would have fancied venturing out in such delightful weather. I did a radio interview with BBC Jersey and played a couple of tunes which I had recorded on mini disc and will be given away at some point this year. Tomorrow will be spent on the telephone trying to organise a few more gigs for Feb and March and any suggestions will be followed up so if you know of a suitable venue in your area then let me know by mailing me at or leaving it the guest book. Happy New Year to you all and I hope you will be supporting my adventure this year as you did in the last.