Sunday, October 29, 2006

6th January 2003

Happy New Year to one and all. I am currently listening to the Home
Secretary talking about getting rap musicians to change the lyrics to
their songs following the murders of two young girls during the recent
terrible shootings in Birmingham. I saw the same thing in "Bowling For
Columbine" where numerous politicians and newscasters blamed Marilyn
Manson. Pathetic, who do they think they are kidding? I don't beleive that
anybody would aspire to go out and get themselves a gun because some
gangster rapper is singing about it. It pisses me off intensely. We had
all this shit with Tipper Gore and the PMRC getting stickers put on CDs.
If you fancy doing a bit of research on the net then I would recommend you
try to find Frank Zappa's address to congress on the subject of music
censorship, it is an excellent and informed read.
Sorry to start off the New Year with a rant but you know what I am like by
now. I hope you all had a good Xmas and were not ill from any form of
over-indulgence of any kind. I spent the time at home with the family and
managed to escape the holiday period without any major hangovers. I got
some nice pressies for Xmas, plenty of books to read over the coming
months including Lemmy's autobiography, Steve Earle's autobiography and
Lance Armstrong's autobiography.
Spent the day with AfroMart down at his studio putting the finishing
touches to the album. It sounds great and will be sent to the pressing
plant in the next few days and I will have a release date for you by the
next edition. It sounds great and I look forward to hearing what you all
think. I played it to my mate Simon D last night and it was the first time
I had listened to it almost all the way through for quite some time and I
am very pleased with it but bored also. I want to get a six track EP out
this year just to up my output a little. Si and I had been to see City Of
God which is a Brazilian movie about kids growing up in the slums of Rio.
It was a great movie althoug a bit depressing seeing how the other half
I will close this edition with a word about another great artist that has
put his knife and fork down. The passing of Joe Strummer is a sad loss for
music. Although I am not the greatest fan of the stuff he has done since
the end of The Clash, I am a fan off The Clash and Joe & Co played the
music of my teenage years. I was never fortunate enough to see The Clash
live but I have had enough reports of them from Mr P who, being a young
North London punk, got to saw them on many occassions. I remember hearing
their first album and loving Janie Jones and I remember dropping
everything to run round to my mate's house becasue he had the Capital
Radio EP. As a guitarist who played with many different bands as a hired
"gun" then I am sure Joe will have no problem fitting in with the house
band upstairs. I think the only good to come of his passing will be that
it ensures that The Clash will never tread the boards again on the
nostalgia circuit and I, for one, am very happy about that.


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