Sunday, October 29, 2006

1st December 2002

How many shopping days to Christmas??? I ain't started yet, what about
you. Welcome to part two of "Pop Bunnies" The Real Rivals!! We will leave
all the details of the handsome chap above until the end of this
chapter.Well we have had an interesting time since I was here last. I took
my son and his friend to see the Foo Fighters at Wembley Arena last Friday
which was more of a blast for him than it was for me. He didn't really
want to leave his seat so I sat there loking around this big metal shed
and started thinking about how many bands I had seen playing here over the
years. Although it was originally designed as a swimming pool and sports
arena it has mostly been used for pop concerts in the last thirty years or
so and during that time they have not done anything to try and improve the
sound in there. It is truly awful. You may remember me saying this in a
recent "wise words" following a visit there to see Faithless. The Foo's
sounded not too bad but not loud enough for me. I like my rock music loud
enough to rattle my scrotum and this was a little short of that. My son
really enjoyed it and it was nice to be able to share his "first gig"
experience. Had a trip up to Liverpool to see them play Sunderland which
was ok for a 0-0 draw. the reds played well but The Black Cats were the
worst team I have ever seen at Anfield. In ninety minutes of football they
had no shots on-target and no shots off-target and didn't even win a
corner!!! And people say Liverpool are negative. While we are on football
for a short while I will be off to the pub in a while for a 12.15 kick off
to see Liverpool take on Man United in what is arguably the biggest game
of the season at Anfield. I will be joined by Irish Ed who supports the
Manc Scum and Teacher Trev who will be stuck in the middle and refereeing
the abuse between us. I was out with Irish the other night to see 28 Days
Later which will now get the shortest review in history, " it was ok".
Musically I have been in the studio and sorting out my songs for the next
album and found that I have already got 13 tunes ready to record plus one
or three undeveloped ideas that could come to fruition. I wrote a couple
of new ones this week which I am not sure will make the grade but that can
change very quickly depending on the amount of inspiration applied when it
eventually strikes. I have been listening to a lot of music lately and
have been getting into the new Feeder album which is very good indeed.
There are a couple of outstanding tracks on it. I have been taping stuff
onto my mini-disc player from the tv via the Sky box and putting them in
my phone. Mostly stuff from Later with Jools (except Tom Jones) can we
discuss Tom for one second. When I was a kid and getting into The
Stranglers etc, Tom Jones was cabaret personified and I have hated him
ever since. Little did I know that over 20 years later I would still have
to put up with the twat on my tv. He has now teamed up with Wyclef Jean
(what a massive fucking talent he is??!!!?? he should have been executed
for his version of the Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" not to mention that
peice of shit that went "We gonna e-e-e-lope to Me-e-e-exico". I just
can't see the attraction, I must have slept through that particular
meeting) Sorry, back to Tom. A Lard-Arsed pensioner trying to rap in pants
that are too tight. Let it go Tom, it's over. I think all true punks and
music lovers should have mass burning of Tom Jones's collaborations with
young upcoming artists (you hearing me Mr P?!?). Sorry about that, just
had to get it off my chest, a little rant for you on a Sunday.
I got my Low tickets to see Low on Valentine's Day next year. Whilst some
of you will be having dinner with your loved ones and exchanging red roses
and chocolates I will be blissed out in church with a few mates watching
my favourites. If they are playing near you then you should go and check
them out. I always say this and I know that none of you will but I still
have to preach.
Anyways, do we wanna hear about the big fella up top, I don't mean God, I
mean the lean mean bass playing machine that is Mr Dan Sweeney.
Date of birth: 21st March 1976
First started playing bass : I started playing when I was 13 because a
mate wanted to form a band
First record bought: A Mini Pops album
Desert Island Disc: Harvest - Neil Young, Meddle - Pink Floyd, Abbey Rd -
The Beatles.
If you weren't a musician what would you be: I would be rich becasue I
would have a proper fucking job.
Which musician, alive or dead, would you most like to meet: Elvis Presley,
Jimi Hendrix and Paul McCartney, just to piss Nasher off!!
Thanks Dan. I feel sooooooo young when I hear that you first record was
the Mini Pops. A bold admission in anyone's book. Next week we have the
Jimmy Page of Palmers Green and the last in our "Pop Bunnies" series, Mr
Noel Martin, not the smallest guitar player in the world, but fucking


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