Monday, February 28, 2000

28th February 2000

I survived the day out at Wembley and managed to contain my drinking to pre-match and headed off straight home after the final whistle. I was going to post a live version of "Top Of The Pops Again" over the weekend but I have asked Mr Tim, The Sonic Doctor and owner of the studio where the recording was done, to see if he could clean it up so the quality was a little better. This process involves peeling the tape out of the cassette box and stretching it around four upright microphone stands until the section of tape that needs enhancing is exposed. The Sonic Doctor then applies a Brillo pad until the tape is gleaming and almost see-through. This process increases the sound quality ten-fold but should only be carried out by trained technicians.... and if you believe that you will believe anything. When Mr Tim sends me the cd of it then I will pos

Friday, February 18, 2000

18th February 2000

Got back from Liverpool last night despite being delayed for 75 minutes on the train, which was held up by horses on the track, I think I have heard it all now. The announcements from the guard were hysterical, "ladies and gentlemen, the reason we are crawling along is that the horses are actually running in front of the train", "the horses have been captured and we will be moving along shortly", "the horses have escaped again and we will resume our journey when we have caught them again". The whole train was laughing despite the delay. The gig at the Voodoo Room was very poorly attended but did not stop the boys from rocking up a storm. I think the low turnout may have been due to the Artic weather and hailstones that were falling or maybe everyone just thinks I'm shit!!!!. I met up with a few more guestbook visitors who seemed to enjoy themselves and it was nice to meet them in the flesh as well as in cyberspace. There will be more gigs to follow as soon as I book them. I have just booked some time at Sonic One in Wales to record the rest of the new album which won't be released for a while yet but I will get it in the can while everyone is around. After playing with the boys for the last couple of days it has really vibed me up about doing some recording and doing it all together in the same room because the sound is immense. Hopefully more of you will get to hear these boys play in the coming months because they really are something else and I am privileged to have such good musicians/mates who want to contribute to the master plan.

Saturday, February 12, 2000

12th February 2000

I had a big gig last night. I was compere at my children's school. They were hosting an International Evening with lots of the children and parents representing different countries. It was very cosmopolitan with loads of grub and booze that was capped by me performing with my two daughters and another parent. We represented Canada and Mrs D sang "Still The One" by Shania Twain and my kids played Flute and Recorder ( parts scored by Dad ) and Dad played guitar and did backing vocals. It was all going well until one of the teachers turned up with three lap-dancers and the headmistress started offering lines of cocaine to the caretaker who was puffing on one of those big Lebanese bongs filled with Champagne.........................The fine line between fantasy and reality is blurred again!!!!!!!! Next report will be post Liverpool and will no doubt contain some tales from Hairy Pie and fluffy scousers.

Wednesday, February 02, 2000

2nd February 2000

Judging by the e-mails I have received from a few of you, there have been a few problems downloading "Blue" from the Rolling Stone site so I have posted it at .It was uploaded today and generally takes a couple of days to clear so check it out midweek. It is a live version of a song that did not make it onto "Ripe" not because it is pants but because the version I ended up with was not good enough for you to hear and this live version is closer to how I wanted it to sound. Re: Rolling Stone, I have experienced some difficulty myself trying to upload and edit at the site so I think I will leave it alone and post stuff at I have spoken to my mate Mr Steve Powell from the LIPA and for a small fee he is willing to bring his ADAT's along and record the gig. If the live recording comes off and it sounds a vibe then I will release it as a very cheap bootleg so I will let you know. Hope some of you can make it to Liverpool but if not I promise to be going out elsewhere in the near future. I spent Thursday recording some live acoustic blues with my mate Phil and seeing as all the gear was still set up in the studio I went and recorded a little acoustic gig all by myself and did a few acoustic versions of some tunes to give away in the future. For US readers; I am going to pop in to the Musicians Union and try to enlist their help with the bogus FGTH and see if they can pull their collective finger out and help us to stop them. Keep it here and I will let y'all know when it's up. I received my copy of Q this morning and lo and behold there is a review of "Ripe".