Sunday, October 29, 2006

9th March 2003

As you can see from the text above I have finally got the first gig in for
2003. I am always being asked about when I am going to play live so
hopefully a few of you can start saving for a trip to Liverpool in spring.
The Picket is a great venue and I am looking forward to taking the new
band there and show them my home town. We have been rehearsing on and off
for a while now but getting the first gig in means we have a deadline to
get it spot on and this will increase the rehearsal load. While we are on
the subject of Liverpool, I will be appearing on Spencer Leigh's
Merseybeat programme on Radio Merseyside this evening at 6.00pm. As usual
this is very short notice but you cannot hear it on the web so I guess
most of you would not be able to hear it anyway. Spencer has promised to
send me a copy of it so when it arrives I will put it up on the site.
The peice of silverware above is The Worthington Cup which Liverpool won
last Sunday against arch-rivals Manchester United. The game was held in
the magnificent Millenium Stadium in Cardiff or, as it has been renamed by
some Liverpool fans, Anfield South. It was my first visit to the stadium
and to say I was impressed is an understatement. I was on the top tier of
seating but it didn't matter because every seat in the ground has an
excellent view. The ground also has a sliding roof and this was closed for
the game which heightenend the already electric atmosphere. I met up with
Newport Nikk and a few of his buddies before the game in the worlds most
crowded pub. Unfortunately I could not join them in a huge session because
I had to drive home straight after the game. Liverpool won the game 2-0
and by the end of the game I was standing up singing with everyone else in
our end. It is always nice to give the Mancs a bit of a slapping and the
fact that a cup was at stake made the victory even sweeter.
I had to go to see my old mate Jeff in hospital last week. He had been
admitted for major heart surgery following an angiogram that showed he had
damage to the veins around his heart. He was wheeled in the day after and
given a quintiple heart bypass which is a massive operation in anyone's
book. Considering what he went through on the table I thought he looked
really well when I went to see him but then again I thought he was looking
really well before he had the operation. jeff is a fanatical Everton
supporter and I was surprised that he actually had a heart (or is it the
brain that Evertonians are missing??) Joking aside I was really pleased
that the operation was a success becasue despite his Evertonian bitterness
heis a good egg and the world is a better place with him in it. When I was
visiting him one of his workmates had popped in to see him. He had been to
the Marsden hospital because he was getting treatment for cancer in his
neck. When he told me this Jeff piped up "I told you mate, you don't wanna
work in our place, it will fucking kill ya!". Nice to see his sense of
humour was fully intact even if his heart wasn't.
I have been busy doing acoustic demos for some new songs and hope to put a
few of them down next week if I can gather the necessary musicians
together. Some working titles are: "Es La Vida Lar", "Had (is all we've
been)", "Conspiracy Man" and "Dirty Old Man". I am pleased with the songs
on Le Grande Fromage but becasue it took me so long to complete it I have
grown a little bored by the songs and can't wait to get excited about some
new ones.
On the subject of LGF, I know that some of you have already received your
copies and if any of you would care to put finger to keyboard then I would
like to get a couple of reveiws to post on the site so someone should get
I was up in Liverpool yesterday to watch the reds beat Bolton Wanderers
2-0 at Anfield. I think the result is all you need to know about this
tawdry game of football. I have seen more life in a tramps vest. I guess
the champagne hangover from last Sunday must have still been hanging
around because most of the team looked half asleep.
Sorry there is not much news this edition but I have been doing mundane
telephone stuff so I have not been gadding about as much as usual but I
will try and up the exotic factor for the next visit when I will hopefully
have some more gig news. Ttfn.


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