Thursday, October 26, 2000

26th October 2000

Sorry about the late update this week but I have been buried up at the
studio for the last couple of days grappling with some of the new songs.
Last night before I left I plugged in my custom electric guitar (known as
"The Dirty Jacobean) and proceeded to deafen myself for half an hour. I
had forgotten what it was like to be a guitar hero because I have been
playing my trusty acoustic for so long. Tonight Matthew I'm going to be
Pete Townshend!! I cranked the speakers up loud and thrashed along with
mighty sounded FUCKING GREAT!! After I had switched off
all the equipment my ears were ringing and I felt like I was trapped
inside a bottle with a wasp. The gig in Matlock Bath was a major vibe and
was attended by about 200 people who listened to the stuff and at least
looked like they were enjoying themselves. Driving to Matlock was weird. I
was driving along these country roads and then next minute I turned the
corner and it was like being at the seaside. The high street was full of
amusement arcades and fish and chip shops that would have been more at
home in Blackpool rather than the Derbyshire Dales. They were having this
celebration where they floated these models down the river and it all
looked rather magical and it was a shame that I didn't get there earlier
while it was still light to see a bit more of the place. I thought the gig
went well and judging by the note in the guestbook at least one was moved
enough to visit the site. The venue was a large wood panelled room at the
back of a pub with a big mirrorball hanging from the ceiling. The night
ended in spectacular fashion when I was confronted by a mate I haven't
seen for about fifteen years. He came up to me at the end to surprise me
and it was a very pleasant surprise indeed, nice one Corky!!! I will have
to speak to the promoter about playing there again. Lastly I have been
editing radio interviews also this week and these will be available soon
when the site is updated ( I know, I know, I have been saying that for
months ). Anyway, I'm off to watch The Reds batter the Czechs, see ya next

Sunday, October 15, 2000

15th October 2000

Just got back from the pub after watching The Reds destroy a particularly
crap Derby County side (sorry Derby fans, but it is true!!). After weeks
of threatening to come over to see me, Mr Wal has finally turned up. He
said he was going to come down and help me do some recording but he is
only stopping overnight and then fucking-off to Belfast to shake his
tail-feather after he has helped himself to my wine rack and my Z-bed. I
promised you that when he did turn up I would allow him to do a couple of
paragraphs in the "Wise Words" so here he is, the dodgy Taff in all his
literary glory, Dylan Thomas must be shitting himself!!
To begin at the beginning, were Derby that crap to make a very average
Liverpool look that good? We had a great week in Big Tim's, test driving
my new toy (HOFNER COMMITTEE BASS). We are hoping to have a few live
performances with our Bri next year, if he can still remember how to do
it?? (sing live I mean). Anyway nice to speak to you all ,must dash ,pints
to drink, planes to catch,,, and all that bollox, see u soon Motor bike
boy Wal.
Thanks Wal. Told you he wasn't staying long.
I nearly forgot......... Next Sunday I am playing at the Peakbeat Festival
in Matlock, Derbyshire. All details are available from .
I will be doing a little acoustic thing so hopefully see you there.

Sunday, October 08, 2000

8th October 2000

Back from a week in Wales with Captain Blaster. Hairy Pie were on loan to
him for one week and together they made a splendid sound and left yours
truly on the sidelines making the tea and telling Nigey Nige to stop
playing a million notes a once. I swear that man has additional fingers
that he attaches for recording sessions so he can play the 5th & the 7th
and the 9th and the 11th and the demolished 4th with an F# on the bass.
Spent the nights in a B&B in Llanelli which was a vibe except having a
fried breakfast every day will probably have put a couple of inches on the
waistline. Nights were disturbed by the Captain snoring so I had to employ
some bog roll ear-plugs. I put this inventive improvisational touch down
to years of watching Blue Peter. After almost a year of requesting
pictures of you lot I finally received one from Tez Reed who took Ripe on
her holidays and took a cool snap next to a pretty young so she will be
receiving a special prize this week sometime, nice one Tez! I read the
review of the "new" FGTH album in Q put I have yet to get a copy so I will
have to get on to ZTT this week and claim my free copy so I will let you
know my thoughts when I get it through my letterbox. Keep it here.

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