Saturday, May 27, 2000

27th May 2000

Well today was the first day without crutches!!! I went out to the studio and left them at home. It is only a small step and I can't walk properly yet but I am well on my way back to walking normally. I am kinda limping at the moment and look like a man who has an unpleasant visitor in his trousers. If you can imagine that silly dance that Tina Turner does ( you know! the one where it looks like she is holding a chocolate hostage in her pants ) but not as extreme. I want to take this opportunity to ask anyone who has bought my record to get their picture taken with my album in an exotic or famous place then I will put it on the site when I update it. I would rather see pictures of my fans than the ugly gits in my band. I would like any input about what you would like to see on the site as it is for your benefit. I was thinking about having some short video clips of the Taffs and I in the studio or clips of other stuff and maybe a chat room where I could go on-line once a month and chat to y'all in "real-time". Any other good suggestions will be considered. E-mail me at I don't spend a lot of time "surfing" so I would be interested to hear of other sites with groovy ideas and I can check them out and rip them off!!

Monday, May 22, 2000

22nd May 2000

Thank you to everyone who sent me an e-mail or electronic birthday card wishing me a happy birthday. Watched the match in the pub with a few mates and witnessed the third crap cup final in a row. Came home for a curry and a film but fell asleep snoring loudly while my wife and kids were trying to watch "East is East". Whilst we are on the subject of movies, Stevie B and me went to see Gladiator on Friday afternoon. I was looking forward to the testosterone / adrenalin rush which the trailers promised but I'm afraid to say both of us were very disappointed. From such a respected director like Ridley Scott I would have expected something a little better than this computer enhanced bullshit. It sounded like Russell Crowe had been dubbed by Roger Moore and his fall from General to slave was ridiculous in the extreme. Give me Spartacus any day of the week. The highlight of the day was a triple scoop of Pralines and Cream from the Baskin Robbins stand in the cinema (triple scoop!! what a fat bastard!!).

Tuesday, May 16, 2000

16th May 2000

No much to report except that I have started my physio for my leg which is painful but enjoyable (weirdo) because it is doing me good and will help to get further along the road to recovery. Doing this thing called "hot & cold therapy" which involves plunging my foot into freezing cold water for a minute then plunging into very hot water which apparently stimulates the cells and tissues. Don't say you never learn anything here. Had an eventful day in Cambridge yesterday. I can now drive and went to see my friend about this "maybe" job she wants me to do. I left in plenty of time to meet her at 7.00pm. I arrive in Cambridge with two hours to spare so I could have a look around and got massively lost due to the fact that I left half the map back at my house. Don't ever get lost in Cambridge, it is a complete nightmare because everyone you ask for directions is a student or tourist and nobody knows there way around. I eventually got to where I was going and had a successful meeting (I think?) but only time will tell. Maybe I should change my licence plate to "DICK 1"? Maybe I can tell you more next week? Maybe you couldn't give a toss?!?!? It is my birthday on Saturday and I will be out with the chaps watching the FA Cup Final in the pub although I won't be cheering for either team. My brother-in-law has threatened to throw my crutches away if Chelsea lose so I suppose I should be rooting for them. I received a Hammerby footy shirt from Tommy who runs the FGTH site as a birthday present which was very nice as I had just sent him some old FGTH pics for his site which he says he will be posting soon. Look out for a great one of me and MOT in kimonos while we were touring Japan, Freddie Mercury eat your heart out. Keep it here for more info and medical facts from Doctor Nash.

Monday, May 08, 2000

8th May 2000

Bored? Not much!!! I hate these bleeding crutches and to top it all it looks like the Mighty Reds are no so mighty and in fact have been quite pants. I spent the weekend at various different locations in the South East drinking and eating too much so this week will be a week of abstinence, well after a few pints tonight watching the "Blue Shite" and hoping they can do us a favour. For US readers this is football......sorry. Hopefully I will have something more substantial to report next week.