Tuesday, March 15, 2005

15th March 2001

I am updating this web page on my brand new pc which is a fab and
groovy with all the latest nonsense that will take me an age to
check out so I thought I would get the important stuff done first
and keep y'all up to date. I am checking out a few different places
to take my credit card orders so it won't be long before I get my
order page back up and running and everyone who wants to buy my
music will be able to at last. I have been in the studio this week
working on a song called "Ansafone" which was not quite right when
it was recorded with all the band so I decided to try a different
approach and it works much better now. The different approach
consisted of me taking my new twelve string and tuning it a bit
differently and the result was tops. The song sounded completely
different and better so I carried on strumming about with this new
tuning and wrote the music to a new song which is going to be great,
not title just yet but I can tell when it's going to be good. I
forgot to tell you about my new twelve string which was picked up
for me by KP up in Edinburgh. It was £95 and it really is the cat's
pyjamas, especially after I restrung it. Spent Sunday lunchtime in
the pub watching The Reds humiliate the mighty Tranmere Rovers in
the FA Cup. UEFA Cup tomorrow with a big game against Porto of
Portugal. My mood in the chat-room tonight could well depend on the
outcome of this game. It could go either way so if you want to know
the result then drop into the chat room tonight at 11.00pm GMT and
find out if I am grumpy or delirious. I forgot to mention about a
song I did an acoustic demo for a couple of weeks ago called "Dirty
Old Man". The subject matter is not about the countless beggars we
see on the streets of London every day but about what us red-blooded
males feel like during the summer when all you ladies are walking
about wearing next to nothing. "But King Of Pop, you are a married
man!!!" I hear you cry. Well I can look at the menu as long as I
don't eat the food!!!