Monday, October 25, 1999

25th October 1999

Just back from darkest Cornwall where a wonderful time was had by all. I was staying with Mr Mitt Gamon who has since been renamed El Diablo by his wife due to his bad behaviour over the weekend. We had a little rehearsal with a young man named Alex who was in charge of the rhythm department for the forthcoming gigs and played some of my stuff and some of Mitt's stuff and a couple of covers so that the punters could swing their pants to something they knew. One of the covers was The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby" which was given a jungle treatment and clocked in at about 170bpm. We played The Darlington in Camelford on Friday and The Blisland Inn in Blisland on Saturday. Any real ale enthusiasts should check out The Blisland if they are in Cornwall as they have some serious beers to blow your head off, the biggest being Normans Conquest which is a head-spinning 10%. Off up to Liverpool next week and I will fill you in on what happens next week.

Monday, October 18, 1999

18th October 1999

I have finally got round to learning how to edit this website with the help of Webmaster Ped (a very patient chap) and can now keep you informed of what I have been up to in the last couple of weeks. I went and visited a few radio stations and entertained their listeners with tales of yesteryear and played them a couple of tunes on the acoustic. The places I visited were Chesterfield, Loughborough, Nottingham, Coventry, Cambridge and Northampton with no doubt a few more to follow in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I have just returned from Swansea after playing an unplugged gig as part of New Acoustic Music Week and met up with Nikk from Gwent (a guestbook regular) who put in some miles with Tall Paul and Simon Flat-Top to make it to the gig at Ellingtons. I am off to the Kingdom of Cornwall in a day or two to play a couple of gigs with Mr Mitt in Blisland and Camelford. Anyone who has read the guestbook will have seen his unintelligible rants. He played harmonica on "Ripe" and believe me he sucks (and blows) like nobody else. I will report back next week and tell you all about my adventures and how many Cornish pasties I had so keep it here!!!