Tuesday, June 19, 2001

19th June 2001

After much stress on the North Circular late last Tuesday I finally
arrived at Gunnersbury Ave tube to pick up Wal and TK to head off to
Wales. What is it with these fuckers in charge of road works down
here. I left my house at 10.10 at night and it took me an hour to go
about five miles because two lanes of the road were closed for road
sweeping, not a big lorry that would do it in an hour of two, no
that would be too logical and straightforward for these guys. We
just close the road and then two of us will clean it with a couple
of brushes. So I am sitting in traffic and thinking there must have
been a bit of a smash up ahead to cause a jam like this at this time
of night but no, it's just Noddy and his mate sweeping up. We
eventually got underway and arrived in Wales about three hours later
and had the pleasure of Wallys new futon for a few hours. The next
morning we all head off to Steve's funeral which was attneded by all
the guys I know down in Swansea as well as many whom I didn't know.
The chapel at the crematorium was full to capacity and there were
many people standing outside during the service which I think is a
testament to Steve and how much he was liked and loved by all who
knew him. We set off back to London and had a good journey in
blistering sunshine which makes a change for the M4.
All the family west South for the weekend to see the South London
Massive in Lewisham for an overnight stay and a Fathers day sunday
lunch. I had been contemplating going to see the Afro-Celts and Neil
Young at Finsbury Park but judging by the downpour that accompanied
us on our journey south i think I made a wise choice going
elsewhere. I can just imagine me and KP pissed up at four in the
afternoon up to our ankles in mud and having to wait another five
hours in the rain to see Neil rock the house. Thankfully I was
indoors with a couple of reds (wine, not footy fans) to keep me
company despite my hostess trying to get me to sit out in the garden
under a brolly while it was raining. I drank enough wine to make my
teeth turn red which is always the sign of a good day / night. Got
up without a hangover (!) and carried on drinking again. Came home
early evening and plotted up on the couch and watched Spike Lee's
"Summer Of Sam" which was just a bit better than ok. Tuesday was
spent in the studio trying to sing a few lead vocals and failing on
two and nailing on one which was a result and meant that Wal had not
wasted his time coming up on the "White Beast". we will hopefully be
back in again tomorrow and get another one in the bag so I have got
something to mix when I go to Wales next week. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, June 10, 2001

10th June 2001

Well what has been happening in the last ten days. On the 4th June
it was Mrs Nash's birthday, we won't say how old because that is
rude, and we went out for a meal at a local Japanese restuarant in
Golders Green. It is a bit of a tatty old place and the service
leaves a lot to be desired but the food is top drawer and well worth
the wait. It is the only food that I could never tire of and if you
haven't tried it then you should. I know a lot of people are put off
by the idea of eating raw fish and seaweed but you have to forget
that and concentrate on the taste and not be prejudiced by what you
think it should taste like. Anyway enough Jamie Oliver, lets move
on. I have been getting to grips with my new mini-disc and have been
recording stuff all over the place. I should have bought one years
ago and then I would have had an audio record of all the "brilliant"
ideas that I have forgotten. I had Wally up at the studio this week
but he was not there to record me but to record a bunch of Manc
scally's called Jobe. If I am to get him up to the studio to record
me than he has to have little incentives like this. For this kind
gesture by myself he has promised to come up and record me singing
next Tuesday so I could have a couple of tracks in the can by
Tuesday evening unless the Welsh Flake let's me down!! He arrived on
his new motor bike which for all those interested is a 1000cc BMW
fuck pig monster and I got on the back to go up to the studio. It is
a blast being on the back and I trust Wal implicitly but it is all
the other tossers on the road that worry me. On the short journey to
the studio we almost saw two accidents and it is the other motorists
that have put me off the idea of ever owning a motor bike. I am
certain I am going to have trouble stopping my son Taylor from
buying a bike when he is older because after Wal took him around the
block on the back he couldn't stop saying "That was wicked" for the
following hour. As I type he has just been harrassing me to let him
have my old "Born To Run" bikers jacket!! I am hoping to get some of
the new stuff mixed when I am down in Wales rehearsing for the
Southampton gig so I will have to get my throat in shape. It is
typical timing for me because at the moment I think I getting a
cold, sore throat, snotty nose etc. We will be travelling down to
Wales very late on Tuesday night to go to a funeral on Wednesday
morning. The man who designed the album sleeve for "Ripe" died from
cancer last week and Wal, TK and myself are going to pay our
respects. Steve Hammil will be sorely missed by everyone who knew
him. He was an extremely talented, funny and gentle man and in a
world that has more than it's fair share of evil bastards his loss
is even more incomprehensible. I would ask those who pray to
remember him and his family this week.